Important note

Hotel scams

We are aware of companies offering housing/hotel services that are contacting exhibitors, attempting to sell ‘discounted’ hotel rooms on behalf of the event organisers. If you receive a call of this nature we advise that you treat it as suspicious, hang up, and contact the organisers directly. If you received an email from Global Housing Services, please delete the email. ERTICO ITS Europe does not have any affiliation with this company. Always contact any hotel you wish to book with directly to avoid being scammed. The official hotel agent will be clearly listed on the event website.

Data sales

ERTICO – ITS Europe would like it to be known that following a recent claims from organisations to be working with us on data related activities for the ITS World Congress, that we do not work with any organisation to market our data to third parties.

With the incoming GDPR legislation in Europe, ERTICO takes our obligation to protect the personal information that we hold for companies and individuals very seriously.

As such we have never sought to engage third parties to sell such data on our behalf.